• Stephane is an exceptional designer of printed circuits boards and sought-after associate. He has all the qualities required for the success of any project in electronics. His great qualities are patience, excellent technical knowledge and extensive experience in several technical areas. Stephane has done for our company very dense complex printed circuit that few people in the world can do properly. His patience combined with his efficiency make him an exceptional and well appreciated partner. All work that we asked Stéphane to undertake was completed successfully and we have never had problems with his work.
    Raymond B.
  • I must add that they do very nice work. The placement and routing is done in a thorough and well thought-out manner. The perfect work from High-Speed design team was well worth the wait. Thank you :-)
    Yannick F.
  • High-Speed Design and our company have been partners for over 10 years. During this time, High-Speed Design has always successfully completed our projects on-time while meeting our technical requirements. High-Speed Design has successfully designed complex PCBs up to 12 layers which integrate "blind & buried via" technologies. High-Speed Design has all our trust.
    Patrick G.
  • We are very satisfied with the work of High-Speed Design - they are very conscientious and professional team on whom we can count.
    Frédéric M.
  • The High-Speed Design team is extremely conscientious and competent. These PCB Designers are colleagues with whom it is easy to interact, and they are pro-active and open-minded. They have a constructive work ethic and can be called upon to propose different solution options which take into account specific design challenges. I would not hesitate to call upon their services again.
    Louis S.
  • High-Speed Design is much more than PCB Designers. They are conscientious, detail-oriented professionals with a great degree of expertise in the design of analog and digital circuits and are a reference for many hardware design engineers.
    Jason L.