High-Speed Design Inc. is a Canadian company founded in 2007 and with over 25 years of experience in circuit design, we have seen many very complex design. We have many years of experience in engineering and hardware design in a variety of technologies including high-speed circuits, RF, power supplies, digital and analog, SERDES, Differential bus, CPU, DDR3/DDR4 memory that few designers have. We understand the technical aspects and the engineering requirements.

We understand that the printed circuit is a critical step in the project design. A high quality circuit will make the difference between getting it right the first time or multiple iterations.

Several iterations/hour of debugging are very expensive and time consuming. By designing a circuit using our high quality standards, we can reduce the iterations and reduce the cost/total time of the project.

It is preferable to invest some time on the project for it to be well done and thereby functional.

A graduate of UQAM in microprocessor and several courses at ETS in digital system design make of High-Speed Design the solution for the design of your high quality projects.

Experience makes the difference

Expertise offers you reliability



The mission of High-Speed Design is to convert your ideas into a reliable and functional product in a time that suits you. Concern about details and thorough inspection is a guarantee of a high quality product with no surprises.